Martyn surprises announcing his retirement

Damien Martyn an austrelian middle order batsman announced his retirement from Cricket.

Damien Martyn an Austrelian batsman surprises the world by announcing his retirement from Cricket. Since last few days Martyn was not looking comfortable with his bat the way he known to bat. Remember his innings with Ponting in the world cup final against India. But now a days his position in Austrelia team was under examination but he made surprizing decesion of retirement immediately.

Damien Martyn, 35, played 67 Tests in his cricket career and 208 one-day internationals. He made his debut against West Indies in 1992-93 but could not stay longer in Austrelia team and loose his position after loss against South Africa very next series. And he was recalled back after 6 years for the series against the New Zealand. This time Damien Martyn takes the challenge and proves his come back in austrelia cricket team. His steady batting made Damien Martyn a dependable batsman in Austrelia team.

Damien Martyn played 67 Tests and scored 4406 with an avg of 46.37 in his test career. He was at the best in Year 2004 against Sri Lanka and India. This time he proved his class on turning wickets when other batsman struggled to play against the spin attack. He made 6 hundreds during this period.
110 1st Test v SL in SL
161 2nd Test v SL in SL
104 2nd Test v Ind in Ind
114 3rd Test v Ind in Ind
100*1st Test v Pak in Aus
142 2nd Test v Pak in Aus

Damien Martyn played 208 One day internationals and scored 5346 with an avg of 40.80 in his one day cricket career. Damien Martyn highest score is 144* with total 5 hundreds and 37 half centuries. With broken finger his 88* against India in the 2003 World Cup final was one of the best innings he played. Damien Martyn played an important role in the ICC Champions Trophy with two fifties and 47* in the ICC final against the West Indies.

And finally Damien Martyn's cricket career come to an end when he announced retirement from all forms of cricket with immediate effect. End of another stylish batsman after Mark Waugh those who made cricket batting look easy.

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